Sunday, April 12, 2009

I want to plant bulb flowers. Can I plant the bloomed plants or do I have to wait til they are just bulbs?

I love tulips, iris, daffodills, etc., and I would like to see them pop up in the spring. I would like to get some bloomed plants and plant them in my yard. Do I have to do anything special to them when they die off? HELP! I am lost as to the right proticol on bulb flowers.

Would appreciate any and all help I can get!



FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy Flowersyou need to wait until fall, after the first frost, dig the bulbs and replant them. easier to just buy a few bulbs in the fall and plant them, either way they should be planted in late fall or early winter
Reply:As long as you dont have a %26quot;flower%26quot; on them at the time of planting, you shouldnt have any problems...

I wish you well..


What flowers and plants grow well in a place with a medium amount of sunlight?

I live in an apartment and my balcony faces north and is surrounded by big trees. It does get some sunlight but not a lot. I don%26#039;t want fake plants. What%26#039;s my best bet for plants and flowers that will survive in this condition.
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersGerbera Daisies flourish in a partly to mostly shade environment. They like well drained soil that won%26#039;t retain moisture for long periods of time and they don%26#039;t like to be watered very frequently either. Their flowers last for weeks if not months and if you don%26#039;t over fertilize them they%26#039;ll produce new flowers all season long.

Growing them from seeds, however is no task for beginners so I%26#039;d recommend choosing plugs, starters or clones for your plants. But with all the amazing colors to choose from, who couldn%26#039;t resist. I love them for cuttings to, especially the 9%26quot; Californian varieties.
Reply:Saintpaulias. Phalaenopses. Gloxinias.

Google to see what they look like, if you are not familiar.
Reply:It depends on if you want annuals or perennials. Annuals on a balcony are probably your best bet. Gerbera daisy%26#039;s like the other person said are good, also impatiens are great in shade and fuchsias which are gorgeous. You can find impatiens and fuchsias in baskets at least where I live you can. All three of these flowers have wonderful colors, hope that helped. Oh, you can also buy smaller pots of these or flats and make your own arrangements in larger pots and baskets.affiliate

Which flowers and plants need the most water?

The bottom of our garden is like a swamp. It does`nt matter what we do, we cant get rid of all the water that accumulates there. If you stand in it you are likely to be ankle deep in mud within seconds. We have heard that there are some plants and flowers that thrive on lots of water. Maybe if we could find out the names, we could plant lots of them and have a wild garden at the bottom. Our garden is 200 feet long by 30 feet wide. About 2 thirds of it is lovely, and have spent years tending to it, but the rest is actually a no go zone. We would much appreciate it if someone could give us an idea.

Many thanks.
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy Flowerselephant ears and cannas grow in ponds and swamps. beautiful foilage on both. also swamp sunflowers are tollerant as well as hibiscuses.
Reply:Plant cattails.....they will actually grow in standing water. I%26#039;m not sure where you are located at but you could plant elephant ears near there (not in permanently standing water) and you could leave them outside in the winter if you are far enough south. Japanese irises do well where it is wet also.super nanny

Small plants with flowers to be grown in a very small pot? any ideas?

I have made 2 small fridge magnet plant pots for fathers day, and i need to find some sorta plant to grow it it. they need to be easy to maintain and grow and will germinate from seed withing a week.

i would prefer to have smal flowers than just plain plants. any ideas???

FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersThere are some very small flowering plants that most people consider %26#039;weeds%26#039;. Look around your yard real low and you%26#039;ll probably find them. If not check a neighbor%26#039;s yard that isn%26#039;t as well maintained.

A word of warning though, put two sided tape under the magnets to help keep them in place because once the weight of the flowers and the watering and the opening and closing of the door will cause the Magnets to start slipping down the frig.
Reply:You need an Air Fern. They do not require much care and can survive in small disease

Potted plants or flowers for direct sunlight?

I have planted both spider plants and fuschias but neither one can be placed in direct sunlight, or will wilt. I have them on the left side of my porch, but need to place something on the right side of my porch to even things out. Any suggestions? Really could use either plants or flowers as long as they can be potted.
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersPetunias love the sun and are so easy to take care of. I have several pots of them on my front porch. They are so colorful and easy to take of care. I just love them. Allysum is another great flower for flower pots or boxes.

Good Luck!
Reply:Try Geraniums there are great colors, with some type of a trailing flowering plant in front for contrast. I did this in a small whiskey barrel in red, white %26amp; blue. Mandivilla is also good and with different color flowers, and can be brought in when cold weather comes. Another thought is Roses there are some that can be placed in containers, or in the ground.
Reply:alot of plants require full sun just look around at a flower store and read the tags that tell how much sun they need.
Reply:Begonias, petunias, marigolds, geraniums, vinca and dianthis are all good choices. Think of the color scheme you want and go from there!nanny

Watering flowers and plants?

My husband will not allow me to water plants and flowers in the yard or on the porch during the day. Says it is not good for flowers and plants until dusk or dawn. I ask him......... what about when it rains during the day? Is that not good either? What about people watering their lawns during the day? They have lawns that look good and green! Please someone help!
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy FlowersSome people are very fanatical about this. To save the peace, water in the early mornings.

In hot dry areas, you can water any time you wish because the nights are as hot as the days. But if you live in a cooler climate, it is best to water early in the mornings. This will give your plants time to dry out before night time. Wet leaves at night can sometimes cause plant diseases.

Watering in the middle of a very hot day will cause water evaporation.
Reply:I do it in the morning or during the day.
Reply:I think just the opposite is true. Early in the morning.

Additional information;

Apply water in the cool of the morning or evening when the wind is calm and water loss through evaporation is minimal.

Avoid watering disease-susceptible plants at night. If water sits on plant foliage for hours, it can encourage fungal diseases to attack leaves, buds, flowers, and fruit. Plants susceptible to leaf spots, fruit rots, and flower blights are best watered in the morning, when the warming sun will quickly dry the leaves and discourage fungus development.

I can not remember which plants are susceptible so I like to water in the morning.
Reply:the best time is early in the morning.

definitely not in the middle of the day.

you also should not use those sprinklers that throw the water in the air. it wastes water and does not water the plants properly. usually that kind is best for watering the pavement!!!Shoes

Any ideas for colorful Fall plants and flowers?

I live in Georgia, below Atlanta, and I am looking to plant some new plants for Fall to replace the flowers I planted in the Spring. I am looking for something to plant around my mailbox, and around a large flower bed that will tolerate frost, but has a vibrant color, preferabbly in the red family. I would like to do either flowers or plants. The area is mostly full-sun right now. I am thinking of picking up something at Lowes or Home Depot. Also, when should I plant for Fall?
FlowersBirthday FlowersSympathy Flowerstry getting Hardy Mums, they have very pretty flowers on them, and they can survive the winter in Missouri so I am sure they will live there.
Reply:Mums are your best bet. If you are going to plant for fall, I would suggest you buy mums that are not budded out (flower-wise) quite yet or are just starting. If you wait, it%26#039;s okay to put some out nearer to fall that are just about to bloom or have started blooming. Some people bury the whole pot to hide the fact that the mums were recently planted; some put a bunch of potted or bushel-basketed mums on their front steps as sort of a decorative touch. And yes, most mums you plant will winter-over and come back the next year. (Even some of those indoor, greenhouse grown mums will do this -- you have to experiment.)
Reply:Mums are gorgeous in the fall and thrive when it gets cooler. I also like ornamental cabbage, and that is actually frost resistant. I live in NY, (a hour north of NYC), and my ornamental cabbage last right through December. Pansies also do well in the fall.
Reply:I would go with the mum lady...That is the hardiest fall plant, and you can get it in many colors...I also like fall pansies...They come back to enjoy the fall weather...Many colors in this also...
Reply:For low ground covering - winter flowering pansies - large flower varieties the vibrant colour variation is enormous. They actually flower continuously throughout the year if you don%26#039;t allow the seeds to develop and a light trim every so often to keep its shape compact.

From seed you should be able to start them off now, as long as you protect the seedlings from strong direct sunlight.

autumn fern..

Blanket Flower..

or just about anything that happens to strike your fancy when you see it. Don%26#039;t limit